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We invite you to browse through some of our Pigeons for Sale and purchase with confidence.  Every pigeon offered has been selected by Frank to be a possible foundation breeder.  If you do not see a pigeon you like, please call or email for other champion bred racing pigeons that are available.  We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.

Right now we have beautiful pigeons from all our families. Please call or email to learn about pigeons that are available.  Only a small sample of our pigeons for sale are ever displayed below.   We have super pigeons ready to ship from our top pigeons.  

Please check this site regularly to view some impressive pigeons!  Add a superstar to your breeding loft now.  Plan to dominate in 2014.  I will be updating the pigeon store with impressive 2013 youngsters.  

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April 29th 2014 

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    Super 2014 Young Sablon.. Marseille & Fine Blue, Goede Blauwe, Super Breeder 970 Superstar Engels Cock!  He is perfect.
    Super 2014 YoungSablon.. Marseille & Fine Blue, Goede Blauwe, Super Breeder 970Superstar Engels Cock! He is perfect.

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    McLofts 13 786 Blue Hen. De Rauw Sablon. She is super in every way. They do not come any better bred and if you can find one like her the price will be rediculous. This hen has the potential to breed that one loft winner in 2014. A very special...

    McLofts 12 4547 Blue Cock. A late bred from 2012 and never bred. We planned on using him in our breeding program this year but imported too many pigeons to fit 4547 in. He is medium sized, super buoyant with outstanding conformation. Bred from...




    Beautiful Import Hen Koopman and Sangers best USPS Shipping Fees for Importing Import Fees
    Beautiful Import Hen Koopman and Sangers bestUSPS Shipping Fees for ImportingImport Fees
    NL 09 1279956 BC Hen. Small to medium gem of a hen. We never gave her a chance. The very best of Sangers and Koopman. She is so very very nice. Well worth a try in the breeding loft. Recently vaccinated for PMV and salmonella. She will not disappoint! See pedigree here:

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    Sablon Cock.  Dam bred by Frans Sablon! The cock will breed young bird and old bird winners!
    Sablon Cock. Dam bred by Frans Sablon!Half Brother 1st Boston Concourse 600 miles!
    McLofts 13 360 BC Cock This powerful larger type De Rauw Sablon cock has what it takes to be a super producer. Dam is an inbred Grand daughter to Limoges and she was bred by Sablon. Sire is bred from a full sister to 1st National Long Distance...

    Ply 11 582 Blue Cock is an impressive vitality filled cock we bred for stock in 2011 and did not use him. His half brother won 1st 600 miles Boston Concourse being 33 minutes ahead of the next pigeon in the section, one the day. 969 is a grandson...