McLofts 19 519 Half Brother Cool Dude Michael

McLofts 19 519 DC Cock.  Bred from our champion breeding Hebberecht Hen.  She is the dam and grand dam to winners including 14th Grand Average Million Dollar Race South Africa 2012 and 15th Place Million Dollar 2016 with only 44 day birds.  She also bred 1st Detroit Classic among other superstars.  Sire is the grand son of four Belgium National Aces.  This is quite a genetic package here. Cool Dude Michael was 15th Million Dollar Pigeon Race with only 44 days birds.  Cool Dude Michael is a top breeding including 1st Concourse, top performer in Gulf Coast Homing Pigeon Combine and many other top racers out to 608 miles. 

McLofts 19 519 Half Brother Cool Dude Michael
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