McLofts 19 563 Half Sister to The Freak!

McLofts 19 563 BC Hen.  Half Sister to The Freak.  Same sire.  The Freak is one of the top breeding hens in the USA.  Very few are raced from her and more often than not they score in major one loft racing. The Freak won 4th at the 175 mile, 6th at the 225 mile and then 1st by 23 minutes on AU Convention the final race on a very tough headwind day. Champion breeder dam and grand dam to major winners. Son bred 1st 2200 birds $30,000 in prize money.  One of the best breeding hens in the USA. Son Bred Equal 1st Salem Special 400 miles 2019, Daughter bred 1st Boston Concourse 2019, double grand child 1st Concourse California 2019.  Direct daughter a Double Car Race Prize Winner Derby Arona 2019.  The Freak bred 1st River Valley Challange 360 mile 2020.  The Freak bred 21st Big Andy One Loft Race 500 miles in 2020.  We wished the race was a bit tougher. 

Sire to 563 has been one of our top producing cocks for many year with winners and top one loft performers and Ace Pigeons.

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McLofts 19 563 Half Sister to The Freak!
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