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We invite you to browse through some of our Pigeons for Sale and purchase with confidence. Every pigeon offered has been selected by Frank to be a possible foundation breeder. If you do not see a pigeon you like, please call or email for other champion bred racing pigeons that might be available. We invite you to create an account with us or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.

Contact Frank by email for the best Leo Heremans, Chris Hebberecht, Jos Joosen, Staf Van Reet, Maurice Casaert, Ivo Renders, Engels, Geerinckx, Twan Bongers, Jelle Jellema, Sablon and Fabry & Imbrecht. If you want to bring in a superstar now, please send me an email.  I have many gems available immediately that can found your loft. Frank@McLaughlinLofts.com 

Only a small sample of our pigeons for sale are ever displayed below.  We have super pigeons ready to ship from our top breeders.  

Please check this site regularly to view some impressive pigeons.  Add a superstar to your breeding loft now and plan to dominate in 2018! 


Shipping to Mexico an addtional $35 per pigeon. Hawaii shipping at our cost.


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    Atkin Presents Atkin Presents, Best of Tim Atkin Grandson to Rudy
    Atkin PresentsAtkin Presents, Best of Tim AtkinGrandson to Rudy

    GB Z 18-81535 - Blue WF Hen 81535 is a perfect pigeon. She looks and handles like a show racer. All quality SIRE: BEL 14-6100827 - Blue Cock Direct son to Ulrich Lemmons Foundation pigeon Gust. Bred to his own granddaughter, Jozefien. The winner...

    GB Z 18-81536 - Blue Pied Hen 81536 is positively beautiful. Medium sized and has no flaws. SIRE: BEL 14-6100827 - Blue Cock Direct son to Ulrich Lemmons Foundation pigeon Gust. Bred to his own granddaughter, Jozefien. The winner of 1st National...

    BEL 16-2280915 - Blue Cock - Gaby Vandenabeele - Grandson to Rudy. Grandson Rudy half-brother 886/2014 97 national Tulle - 8621 pigeons. 53 national zone C1 Chateauroux II - 1129 pigoens. Half-brother "979"; 5 not Bourges zone C 1253 pigeons....




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    Pay Import fees in $100 incrementsPay Import Fees in $5.00 incrementsPay import fees in $50 increments

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    Top Netherlands Bloodlines USPS Shipping Fees Import Fees
    Top Netherlands BloodlinesUSPS Shipping FeesImport Fees
    NL 15-1158675 - Laatje 675 A. Farla - Blauwband SIRE: NL 10-5020593 W. Clermonts - Grandson Golden Diamond of Peter Veenstra. Winner of 1st 8,730 birds and 3rd 2,464 birds. DAM: NL 10-5020618 W. Clermonts - Inbred to the champions of Eijer Kamp...

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    Import Per Pigeon from Europe. Many of our competitors use what I call the "Noah's Ark" system, which means multiple breeds, sexes and, in some cases, poultry, are mixed together while waiting export. McLaughlin Lofts is simply the best for...